Shauna Stevens
Owner, Training Manager, Instructor

Shauna has ridden and worked with horse since she was a young girl starting in 4H. She has been instructed in horse training from a number of trainers and has worked with horses for over 40 years. Shauna has a natural ability to communicate with and train horses. Shauna trains foals to full grown horses in ground work, western and english riding. She can also help with any problems you are having with your horse. Shauna is an exceptional riding instructor for all levels and disciplines, she especially enjoys working with children and beginning students. She enjoys riding in all disciplines and trail rides every week in the local mountains.

Shauna is a Certified Breed Examiner for the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association. If you need your Kentucky Mountain horse certified please call for an appointment.

Shauna at a jumping show.

Shauna competing in an UHJA Show.

Shauna enjoying a cattle drive in Idaho.

Shauna competing in a Gaited Horse Show.

Shauna at the Antelope Island Buffalo Round-up.

Shauna winning blue ribbons at the Idaho State Fair.

Shauna at the Utah State Fair, with a Blue Ribbon.
Stephanie Irons
Owner, Trainer, Egala Instructor

Stephanie was first put up on a horse when she was just a couple of years old and she has never got off. She has a wonderful ability in training and teaching horses and riders. She is a certified Egala (therapy) instructor. She enjoys showing horses, jumping and trail riding.

Stephanie at a jumping show.

Stephanie and 'Snoopy' spending a little quite time together.