Boarding services. With our personal service and care you can also feel comforted that your horse will be cared for as you would youself. To keep all the boarded horses as healthy as we can, we require all incoming residents to be vet health checked with a current negative Coggins test.  
Boarding Cost per Month
stall and standard hay feed
$ 250.00
Training and Boarding - per Month
$ 500.00 Training + Boarding
Special Feeding (Special hay mixes, grains,
pellets and supplements)
$ TBA (supplied by owner or cost of feed
+ a monthly maintenence fee)
Traveling Horse Motel Services are available
upon availablity of stall and pens. Please call ahead of time to arrange these services.
$ Please Call
Boarding includes: Daily feeding (twice a day), individual automatic waterers in paddock, regular cleaning, use of facilities, access to local riding trails and more.
Stevens Ranch retaines the right to refuse boarding or service to anyone. Customers will board horses at their own risk; Stevens Ranch, it's owners and staff are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or deaths. If any horse or owner is deemed a problem or dangerous horse, or a potential problem or dangerous horse Stevens Ranch has the right to have the owner and/or their horse to be removed from the facility. If any delinquent boarding fees not paid after 60 days, Stevens Ranch will legally assume ownership of the horse and may sell the horse and retain all proceeds from the sale to pay any or all past due costs and fees.