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We are now pleased to offer Red Light Therapy for the health of your horse along with our other services.


Photonic light therapy is strategically placing specialized light emitting handheld devices or light pads upon the horse and allowing the light to therapeutically penetrate the body. Scientific research shows that light therapy can help induce natural healing, reduce pain, and attain optimal health for your horse.

When the light is illuminating the selected area, light is being absorbed by the cells, ALL types of cells, as well as stem cells, which have functioning mitochondria that support healing within the body. Photonic Light research has shown that light therapy is extremely effective, with the lights’ wavelengths and strength working together to penetrate the skin and reaching the deep tissue layers. Red light therapy can increase blood flow to any given area of injury or imbalance, heal damaged cells, protect healthy cells, and support the body in healing itself. Sessions can also provide support for the absorption and circulation of nutrients, supplements and medications throughout the body.

In addition, sessions with blue and green lights can help with other symptoms. The different light therapies can have an beneficial effect on a number of specific conditions, and they can greatly improve and help maintain your horses’ healthy and vibrant nature.

Assessments and sessions can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes, sessions for a specific injury or symptom may need multiple appointments. Sessions costs can range from $50-$100+. Call us for an appointment.


Light Therapy Benefits

Horse Wellness, Anti-viral & Immunity

Induces Natural Healing

Lowers or Reduces Inflammation

Decreases or Reduces Pain

Helps Tendonitis & Arthritis

Improve Joint & Bone Health

Injury & Wound Healing

Bone Healing

Muscle Health, Strength and Endurance

Improves Body Functions

Increase Stem Cell Support

Increases Cellular Regenerations & Healing

Increases Circulation for Healthier Hooves

Help with TMJ, Cribbing, and Mouth Health

Calms Fearful & Nervous Horses, without Drugs

Eases Emotional Stress & More!


Our Services

We strive for professional and personal service for all of our clients.

Light Therapy 

Health for your Horse

NEW! Light Therapy for your Horse's Health

What exactly is red light therapy and how does it work? It has been discovered that LED light technology in certain wavelengths and colors can drastically improve and heal your skin. Red light penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and tissue, repairing, renewing, regenerating and healing damage that has occurred. Skin is rejuvenated, pain is alleviated and inflammation is reduced.

The light and heat produce endorphins, increase lymphatic drainage and circulation, relax muscles, increase antibody and collagen production, and regulate serotonin levels. The red light basically stimulates the mitochondria within the cells and thus increases the production of ATP which causes damaged cells to accept nutrients and eliminate toxins faster. Cellular death can be prevented and the body is encouraged to heal itself faster.

And from a holistic perspective, the red light stimulates acu-points, balances chi, unblocks meridian lines and focuses on chakra work. All of this promotes self-healing and increases energy throughout the body. The therapy is especially good for muscle strains, tendon injuries, cuts, sores, wounds, body soreness and lameness. Even NASA use it to speed up the healing of their astronauts! It has been scientifically proven (researched for over 20 years) to increase healing by 60% over traditional methods.

Call for an appointment today!

Riding Lessons

Learn to Ride

We instruct students in the following disciplines: halter, showmanship, western pleasure, horsemanship, hunter under saddle, hunter/jumper, equitation, trail, 4H group instruction and other skills.

You can now sign-up for private and group riding lessons and instruction based on long-standing gentling principles of horsemanship and horse-whispering.

Stevens Ranch offers private lessons to students of all ages to encourage a life long love of horses and a sense of achievement. Lessons are tailored to the experience of the student. Beginning students will learn about horse safety, grooming and tack, and horse care. They will concentrate on learning communication with the horse in the safe environment. All riding lessons are taught with natural horsemanship principles.

We can provide lessons on your own horse, or if you don't presently have one you may ride one of our horses (based on skill level).  Shauna Stevens is a patient and understanding instructor for children and well versed in providing upper skill level lessons in all disciplines for you and your horse.

Stevens Ranch can schedule group lessons and workshops. Please call and discuss what workshops you are interested in with Shauna Stevens.


Personal Caring Service

Boarding services. With our personal service and care you can also feel comforted that your horse will be cared for as you would youself. To keep all the boarded horses as healthy as we can, we require all incoming residents to be vet health checked with a current negative Coggins test.

Boarding Cost per Month stall and standard hay feed - $ 250.00

Traveling Horse Motel Services are available upon availablity of stall and pens. Please call ahead of time to arrange these services

Boarding includes: Daily feeding (twice a day), individual automatic waterers in paddock, regular cleaning, use of facilities, access to local riding trails and more.

Disclaimer: Stevens Ranch retaines the right to refuse boarding or service to anyone. Customers will board horses at their own risk; Stevens Ranch, it's owners and staff are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or deaths. If any horse or owner is deemed a problem or dangerous horse, or a potential problem or dangerous horse Stevens Ranch has the right to have the owner and/or their horse to be removed from the facility. If any delinquent boarding fees not paid after 60 days, Stevens Ranch will legally assume ownership of the horse and may sell the horse and retain all proceeds from the sale to pay any or all past due costs and fees.


Find the Horse for You

Call us to see what we have available for sale.

The Ranch's professional employees will help you purchase a horse perfect for your needs and skill level or we can help you sell your horse when you are ready. We charge a 15% commission (or a minimum fee of $150.00) on both finding and selling horses (plus any travel, shipping or additional costs). We have a number of younger and more experienced horses at our ranch and we represent other sellers that have additional horses available to purchase.


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The Team

Stevens Ranch Team

Shauna Stevens

Owner Stevens Ranch, Trainer, Light Therapy

She received her training from a number of well known local and national trainers and has worked with horses for over 45 years. Shauna has an amazing and natural ability to communicate and work with horses. Shauna is being certified as a Photonic Light Therapist. She is an exceptional riding instructor for all levels and disciplines, she especially enjoys working with children and beginning students, including volunteering as a County 4H Leader for over 20 years. She enjoys riding in all disciplines, she has ridden and worked with horses since she was a young girl starting in 4H, and trail rides every week in the local mountains. Shauna is an Egala certified Equine therapist and a Certified Breed Examiner for the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association.

Stephanie Cox

Owner Horse Play, Equine Therapy Egala Instructor

Stephanie is a certified Equine Therapy Instructor. She has over 25 years working with horses, and has a wonderful ability in training and teaching horses and riders. She enjoys showing horses, jumping and trail riding.

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Please contact us if you are interested in developing the relationship and communications with you and your horse. Our trained and helpful staff are happy to help you in any of your horse training and rider needs. Stevens Ranch staff will always provide the personal service and care for you and your horse.

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